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Lower East Side Loft Transformed By Its Owner/Architect

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Usually, there's a certain order to things. First you get the apartment. Then you get furniture that fits with the interior of the apartment. (Then you get the power. Then you get the cable. Then you get the internet. Then you get the woman.) Architect Azin Valy, of I-Beam Architecture and Design, worked backwards, however, designing her Lower East Side one-bedroom to accomodate her husband's (commercial director Glenn Lazzaro) collection of Eames furniture. The result is a space that is simultaneously open, airy, and comfortable, and all the more impressive once you've seen what it looked like before Valy got her hands on it. The apartment's previous owner purchased it during the 1930s—Lazzaro estimates for around $500—and lived there without renovating until her death in 2009, at which point Valy and Lazzaro were able to scoop it up. Valy spent two months on design and three and a half on construction, tearing away plaster to expose the brick north-facing wall and constructing most of the surfaces out the same Maple veneer plywood used in the Eames furniture.

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