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All-White Union Square Apartment Requires Sunglasses

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Architects Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz of Resolution: 4 Architecture spent a full year renovating this apartment on Fifth Avenue near Union Square. The owner wanted a precise, pristine white space, in a shade so specific that Tanney whitewashed and bleached the oak floors twice?just in time for us to troop through as part of the New York/Dwell City Modern home tours weekend. We promise we didn't leave a mess, though: we had to wear booties over our shoes. Please enjoy our amateur photography in the gallery above.

The entry level contains the living room, dining area, kitchen, and laundry room. Down a spiral staircase is the children's playroom, bedrooms, and bathroom, as well as the master bedroom and bathroom, which can be closed off from the children's area by pocket doors. There's also an incredible amount of storage space?rather necessary in an all-white apartment?which opens by touch, not with handles. (We had fun playing with the doors.) Contractors from West Village GC, which built the apartment, were present and looked quite pleased with their handiwork. They jokingly vowed to give the owners' children crayons for Christmas, so that the contractors will have a reason to return and repaint.
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