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Cobble Hill In High Demand; Macklowe Hard To Keep Down

1) This week's Hunt is a sad one, in which two young NYU students, eager to leave expensive university housing behind and get a real apartment, find that real apartments aren't much better, or much less expensive. They enter wide-eyed, full of hope, and emerge like soldiers returning from war. But maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves. Our intrepid heroes, Julia and Karen, first rent a West Village studio for $2,275/month. This proves disastrous. The walls separating them from their neighbors are thin, and, what's more, they don't share each other's schedules. Next time around, they are determined to do better. Mainly, they are determined to have their own rooms. Even this proves difficult. Dismayed, they turn to the Upper East Side, and finally settle on a two-bedroom in the high 80s, overlooking subway construction, situated on top of a bar. For this, they pay $2,400/month, with a $4,300 broker fee. To paraphrase Hemingway: "Bummer." [The Hunt/'For Students, an Undormy Apartment']

2) Many details of 432 Park Avenue, New York's future tallest residential building, are already known—how tall the building will be (1,397 feet), how much the penthouse will be listed for ($82.55 million), etc. What's more of mystery is the specific level of involvement of Harry "Don't Call It A Comeback" Macklowe, who defaulted on his loan on the building in 2007. This might suggest that he little or no financial stake in it at this point, but the current developers appear to have some interest in keeping Macklowe, or at least this name, involved—he's currently listed at a member of the building's five-person condo board. [Big Deal/'Another Tower for the New York Skyline']

3) Everybody wants a beautiful one-family 19th century Cobble Hill brownstone. Well, maybe not everybody, but enough people that the current trend is buying a multi-family house, which was, of course, originally a one-family house , and converting it back. The circle of life. Hakuna matata. [Land of the Multi-No-Longer Family House]

432 Park Avenue

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