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Architects' Lower East Side Apartment with A View

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Architect power couple Hayes and James Slade of Slade Architecture created their 1,600-square-foot Lower East Side co-op home from two separate adjacent apartments. The four-bedroom, two-bath home has the aesthetic look that only two creatives could come up with: cubby holes for wine glasses, a kitty-door that hides a separate cat abode, closets created with strings of metal beading, oak floors from Oregon, wide views of the Williamsburg bridge, and a bed-frame made of duct tape all add to the modern/industrial yet rustic feel. Hayes noted that they wanted to focus on creating individual space for each person (they have two teenagers and two younger kids) but also wanted to foster an open space for the family to share. The result was a teenager nook in the back of the apartment with a common space, as well as a bright, open kitchen and family room.

The home is playful and pragmatic. Despite the intricate design, such as the slanted bookcases or the curved walls, the space is not at all unwelcoming. One wall has a traditional wallpaper which houses a few antique family heirlooms, while another wall has cutouts for their children's artwork. The Slades had their family in mind while designing their home. The couple removed walls, moved the kitchen and changed the entryways in order to obtain the flow as well as the ability to change bedrooms as their children got older.

The kitchen is outfitted with Electrolux appliances, which the couple received by placing in a design competition, and has a countertop made of 'white paradise' stone (note to self—design future kitchen with whatever that is). The master bedroom has a full-wall view of the Williamsburg Bridge, which as Hayes put it, "reminds me that I should exercise when the first thing I see is joggers each morning." Yeah, that might just make us want to stay inside and enjoy the view and show it off to all of our friends when they come over.

-Emily Laskodi