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Union Square GEM Hotel Reveals Coppery Facade

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The sheathing came off the Gem Hotel's Union Square flagship (known either as GEM Hotel or Jade Hotel Greenwich Village) yesterday, revealing a very coppery set of bay windows and a very brick rest-of-the-facade. In May, when Atelier & Co. were brought on to spruce up Gene Kaufman's widely reviled design (the one that led to him being referred to as a "prick," "hack," terrorist," etc.), they looked "to draw from the fabric of Greenwich Village ... [giving] this hotel the sense of composure, style and luxury a flagship deserves." Or, in other words, a huge rust-green blob set against brick? In all fairness, there's little doubt that Atelier & Co. had their work cut out for them, and that this looks far better than the design that Gene originally proposed. Now if they can just decide on a name, they'll be all set for the fall opening.

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Photo By Charlie Crowell