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Park Slope's Hot Karl Building Declares Itself A Landmark

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It's been three long years since the Isaac Katan-developed, Hot Karl Fischer-designed 267 Sixth Street was left for dead. But now, from the ashes, it rises like an ugly phoenix. Brownstoner reported back in August that construction on the 12-story, 104-unit building had begun right under their (and our) very noses. Katan is out as developer (no surprise there), and the Naftali Group is in, because apparently they just can't get enough Hot Karl buildings in Brooklyn. Oh yeah, and Hot Karl is still the architect and the rendering is the exact same one he drew up in 2008. Not only that, but, as a tipster informed us this morning, the building is going to be named—wait for it—Landmark Park Slope, which sounds like it would be a more appropriate name for a group of people protesting the building's very existence. Our tipster also noted that the Naftali Group's marketing flyer advertising retail space on the ground floor lists Whole Foods as a neighboring business, meaning that "they are either very optimistic about the completion date of the yet unbuilt Whole Foods or very pessimistic about their own completion date."
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267 Sixth Street

267 Sixth Street, Brooklyn, NY