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15 Central Park West Pad Listed For a Meager $10 Million

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15 Central Park West's equivalent of a cupboard under the stairs—a 2,135-square foot two-bedroom on the third floor—appeared on the market today asking a paltry, almost embarrassing $10,000,000. ($10 million, coincidentally, is the amount of money that other 15 CPW residents use to buy in to the building's bimonthly Go Fish tournament.) The adorable little apartment features a pitiable white marble master bath, a hilarious bookshelf-lined gallery, and herringbone laid hardwood flooring that just breaks your heart. It also has views of the building's wildly impressive courtyard, which are sure to torture the eventual owner who will never be able to show his or her face in it.

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023