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The Care and Tending of a Flowerbox Building Apartment

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The self-irrigating Flowerbox Building burst onto the scene in 2007 with a dramatic origin story (a developer returning to his childhood block to spread the gospel of luxury condos) and apartments asking a mind-boggling $10 million. The building sold out at high prices, so how are the owners getting on? The family of four that purchased one duplex brought in pulltab design to "selectively" renovate the place and then opened the doors to the public this weekend.

There's a lot of dark wood and steel, and even the children's rooms look rather adult. The flowerbox aesthetic remains even inside with an ivy-covered wall next to the staircase. The architects' goal was to add "a focal point, with a slightly mysterious quality." That's further accomplished by the indoor pond, complete with what appeared to be goldfish.

There are terraces, too?one off the children's rooms on the fourth floor and one off the master bedroom on the fifth floor. They overlook a community garden on Eighth Street.
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259 e7th st, New york, NY 10009