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Converted Lofts in Old Plymouth Street Factory Will Be Big

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Alloy Development wants everyone to know that the lofts at 185 Plymouth Street, an old Brillo factory in Dumbo, are going to be big. How big? According to the teaser website: "Really, really, really big" "Too mammoth for Manhattan." "Ridiculously large," "Hunormous," "A shipload of space." There's no square footage to back up those claims, but the renderings do look quite spacious. Brownstoner reports that Alloy received approval from the Landmarks Commission, and construction on the 10 units should begin next month. Ceiling heights will be 13 to 14 feet, and the building will have an interior courtyard.

Alloy successfully converted 192 Water Street into lofts, and the developer is working with the same architect on the Plymouth Street project. The units at 192 Water went like hotcakes, and Alloy expects the same to happen at Plymouth. Here's a look at the current factory's interior:

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185 Plymouth Street

185 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY