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Studio Gang's New High Line Office Building Unveiled!

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Joining HL23, 245 Tenth Avenue, and the other fishbowl newbies along the High Line will be this new 180,000-square-foot office building, designed by architect Jeanne Gang. The Architect's Newspaper has the reveal on the firm's first NYC project, which will sit on Tenth Avenue between 13th and 14th streets. Studio Gang "rearranged the building's mass so that the tallest part" faces Tenth, Gang tells Archpaper, and doesn't block sunlight from hitting the High Line. The building, developed by the estate of William Gottlieb and taking up the lot where a meatpacking plant once stood, will have notches, "slicing off wedge-shaped portions of the tower, allowing river views and minimizing shadows on the elevated park."

The first step for the project is to go through the Board of Standard and Appeals. If it gets all necessary approvals (predictions, anyone?), construction should be finished in 2015.

Here's a diagram of how the building, the sunlight, and the High Line relate:

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