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Sandy Knocks Down Trees, Turns Out the Lights in the LES

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Despite still not having power, Manhattan's Lower East Side and East Village are starting to coming back to life in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The storm knocked down dozens of huge trees, flooded East River Park and the FDR Drive, and left the entire area without electricity. Neighbors are starting to clean up, and bars and restaurants are opening their doors, serving up food and warm spaces anyway they can. We've collected some photos taken over the last couple days, documenting the scene post-Sandy. Above, two giant trees were uprooted near FDR Drive just north of Houston Street.

A line outside Rite Aid in the Lower East Side. Because the store was out of power, they were only letting a few people in at a time to do their shopping:

A leafy mess on Second Street, Tuesday, Oct. 30:

A flooded FDR Drive after the storm on Tuesday:

People waiting in line to shop at a bodega on Columbia Street:

Downed tree in an East Village park:

Sandy ripped up this huge tree and its entire sidewalk bed in the LES:

Lots of flooding and downed trees early Tuesday after the storm:

AlphaBet Cafe on East 14th Street near Avenue B lost its awning:

Veniero's pastry shop offering a Sandy special, selling all cake slices for $1:

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