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A Waterlogged Red Hook Emerges From Sandy's Floods

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At the height of Hurricane Sandy, the ZoneA afflicted Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook suffered some of the worst flooding in the city. Now that the waters have receded, clean-up is underway up and down Van Brunt Street. Curbed boss Lockhart Steele took some photos of the area between 3:30 and 5 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, and while wandering the streets, partial power was restored at exactly 4:30 p.m. Above, the Red Hook Pier, an area that was signifcantly submerged at the height of the storm (photos here).

The legendary Red Hook bar Sunny's, one block over from Van Brunt on Conover Street, filled up with several feet of seawater. Cleanup well underway Wednesday afternoon:

Water level at storm surge peak, as captured by the warehouse bricks:

Basement pumping going on up and down Van Brunt Street:

Sidewalk scene outside Brooklyn Ice House and Red Hook Bait & Tackle:

Neighborhood residents warm up on Van Brunt Street:

Red Hook pastoral:

More sidewalk debris, this closer to the harbor at Van Brunt and Dikeman:

Be careful what you wish for:

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