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Long Waits, But Here Are NYC's Current Transportation Options

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Partial subway service resumed this morning on 14 lines, and while the trains seem to be running pretty smoothly, albeit more crowded, the waits for the connecting buses are extremely long. At 6:30 a.m. this morning, one person reported that the line for the bus to Manhattan from Barclays Center was wrapped around the arena eight times and estimated wait time was four hours. However, once in Manhattan, the shuttle buses are sailing up to Midtown with no issues. Did you travel to work today? How did it go? Transportation reports and photos are welcome on the tipline. In the meantime, here's a break down of what's available.

Subways and connecting buses

There is no subway service between Brooklyn and Manhattan or below 34th Street in Manhattan. Partial service resumed on 14 lines this morning, which you can see here. There is no service on the 3, 7, B, C, E, G, and Q lines. Here is an updated subway map showing all of the available lines. The three connecting shuttle buses pick up in Brooklyn at Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center, Jay Street/MetroTech, and Hewes Street. The first two buses go over the Manhattan Bridge, while the latter goes over the Williamsburg bridge. All go up Third Avenue, ending at 57th Street, making these seven stops in lower Manhattan. All fares are free, but expect long (a couple hours long) wait for the shuttle buses and crowded subways, especially if you're getting on close to the last stop.

MTA Buses

Regular buses are operating on a near normal schedule today, with some routes detoured because of continued flooding. Additionally, since the shuttle buses are so crowded, expect longer waits and bigger crowds on the regular buses as well. All fares are free. You can find individual borough bus maps here.

Ferry Services

The East River Ferry resumed limited service this morning at 7 a.m. The ferry is operating on two modified loops: a northern loop, making stops at North Williamsburg, Long Island City, and East 34th Street; and a southern loop, making stops at North Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO, and Wall Street/Pier 11. Transfers are free in North Williamsburg, but tickets are regularly priced at $4 each ride. NY Waterway will also be operating its free bus service from East 34th Street on a limited schedule throughout the day. The last boats from Pier 11 will leave at 5:45 & 6:15 p.m., and the last ones from 34th Street will depart at 6:15 & 6:30 p.m.

NY Waterway is also operating its Hudson River Ferries, and you can find the schedules here. The Staten Island Ferry remains suspended, as the terminals suffered considerable damage.

Bridges and Tunnels

All of the bridges into Manhattan are open, and since their reopening, traffic has been terrible. All are operating under mandatory HOV restrictions, and gas is running out at stations around the city. Jim Roberts of the Times tweeted the above photo, saying there was a 10 block line for gas at a station in Brooklyn.

The Hugh L. Carey Tunnel (aka Battery Park tunnel) the Queens Midtown tunnel, and Holland tunnel remain closed. The Lincoln tunnel is open.

Metro North and LIRR

Penn Station and Grand Central have both reopened, with limited service resuming on the LIRR and Metro North. Find LIRR details here and Metro North details here.
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