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Park Avenue Six-Bedroom Chopped Down to $7.7 Million

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This 12th-floor apartment claims to be the "jewel in the crown of 1155 Park Avenue" but after a series of pricechops and a change in brokers, its asking price is lower than what an apartment five floors below and two bedrooms smaller closed for earlier this year. #12SE, a 12-room duplex, was listed for $9,495,000 in February, but it's now down to only $7,695,000 (still with hefty $8,388 maintenance fees.) Meanwhile, an investment firm executive scooped up a 7th-floor 4BR (with parquet floors) in the same building this June for $7,790,000, actually more than it was listed for. #12SE is like the main character in a romantic comedy who met the perfect girl five minutes after his closest friend and now he's the best man at their wedding. Keep it together, #12SE.

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