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Permit Fees Waived for Sandy Repairs; Little Italy Art Crawl

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[Photos by Tali Blankfeld]

NEW YORK CITY?All DOB permit and application fees will be waived for Hurricane Sandy-related repair work, thanks to an emergency order signed today by Mayor Bloomberg. This applies to buildings with "significant structural damage in need of demolition, alterations or reconstruction" and those that need to have the electrical and plumbing systems repaired. Exactly which fees are waived may vary depending on the state of the building, which is why the DOB has been assessing damaged structures and assigning them red, yellow, or green placards. Click through for details. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

LITTLE ITALY?For the Little Italy Art Crawl, local businesses along Mulberry Street gave up wall spaces for NY-based street artists to create humorous murals for the New York Comedy Festival. The crawl took place this past weekend, drawing a young, creative crowd, and even the comedian Jim Gaffigan, who was portrayed in one of the murals. [CurbedWire Inbox]