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Curbed's Second Annual Renters Week Begins Right Now

It's time! Renters Week, Curbed's second annual five-day exploration of the world of New York City rentals, begins right this minute. Throughout the week, we'll be posting interviews, lists and maps full of rental goodness, neighborhood guides, and the NYC entries for the national rental horror stories contest, in which the winner will be rewarded with a month's rent (up to $2,500).

The week can only get better with your contributions, Curbed readers. The horror stories contest is still open for submissions. (Send 'em to Spot a funny/awful/entertaining Craigslist listing or have a story of life in a rent-stabilized apartment? Send those to us, too. Contributions from landlords, it's worth noting, are also very much welcomed. This will be fun.
· Renters Week 2012 coverage [Curbed]