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2 Gold Residents Given Estimated March 1, 2013 Return Date

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Residents of the Financial District's 2 Gold Street and 201 Pearl Street, displaced by Hurricane Sandy, recently banded together to demand better post-storm communication from building manager TF Cornerstone. Even so, we doubt those residents are pleased with the communication they received from TF Cornerstone today. The letter from management estimates the "earliest date for reoccupancy" of the building as March 1, 2013. "It is important for you to know that 2 Gold Street and 201 Pearl Street were constructed as required by New York City building code to withstand tidal surges caused by 'the 100 year storm,' which equates to the worst storm recorded in a 100-year period. Unfortunately?the tidal surge caused by Hurricane Sandy is the worst ever recorded for NYC, with some reports categorizing it as 'the 1,000 year storm,'" the letter explains. That meant more than 31 feet of water within 2 Gold and 201 Pearl.

TF Cornerstone has already begun repairs on the building, they hastened to add, and they describe a few of those in the letter. An air quality test has found "no recognizable health threat," and generators are operating to power exhaust fans and emergency equipment. Management is hoping to have an elevator running by next week so that tenants can at least collect their belongings.

Here's the full letter:

2 Gold Update for Tenants - 11-13-12

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2 Gold Street

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