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One57 Evacuee Seeks 'Compensatory and Punitive Damages'

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A neighbor of One57 spotted a notice in the lobby of a West 58th Street building seeking possible plaintiffs for legal action against the crane operator, construction manager, Department of Buildings, and potentially others involved in the crane collapse during Hurricane Sandy. A legal summons has already been filed in the case, and a copy made its way into the Curbed inbox. The legalese:

The relief sought is compensatory and punitive damages in excess of the monetary jurisdiction of all lower courts for the Plaintiff, a residential neighbor of the subject accident site evacuated from his home from October 29, 2012 through November 4, 2012, and for similarly situated victims to be added as plaintiffs to this action. The summons names only Extell, Lend Lease Construction, and Pinnacle Industries as defendants.

A commenter also left a link to another post seeking potential plaintiffs, this one from Bursor & Fisher. Anyone know more about that potential legal action? Let us know.
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