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Tribeca's Best Staircase Is $1 Million Cheaper, Has New Photos

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There's no denying that the 4,200-square-foot first floor of Tribeca's 16 Jay Street is an incredible apartment, highlighted by the "cast-iron and mahogany staircase that was welded together inside the home ... backed by an oxidized copper screen that the owner spent six months crafting by hand." It is also, clearly, a very difficult place to sell, having been listed initially for $9 million last April, then taken off the market and re-listed for $8 million this May, then taken off the market again. It is now on its second million dollar PriceChop, having just reappeared on Streeteasy asking $6,995,000. The new listing seems to making a conscious effort to normal the place up, barely showing the staircase in the photos (the copper screen isn't pictured at all), and mentioning it only briefly in the brokerbabble. That's a shame, but the owners seem to be serious about selling, so it makes sense that they're willing to try something new.

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