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Introducing a $400/Month Rental on the Upper East Side

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"Beautiful room with a view of the East River and of The Upper East Side. The room includes a balcony and there is also a beautiful upright piano in the living room along with some guitars as well," begins the Craigslist ad for a $400/month Upper East Side rental. Sounds nice! Except that the space for rent is...a couch:

We are renting out this couch in order to save money on rent and utilities. The couch is very comfortable as I have personally slept on it. Please make sure you are able to pay the $400 for rent each month, and also an extra $100 for the use of internet, cable, home phone, and all the other utilities. The apartment includes 1.5 bathrooms. The apartment is completely furnished, and has beautiful hardwood floors, and it also gets plenty of sunlight. This room will go fast, so please act quickly. And hope no one who lives here likes to play the piano at night.
?Actual couch not pictured
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