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Surveying Craiglist's Awkward and Semi-Shocking Rentals

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Craigslist is the ultimate Pandora's box for renters, infamous for shady landlords and unfortunate roommate ads. The tendency for advertisers, both well-meaning and sleazy, to title their ads with the same exuberance makes searching the site even trickier. You think you're clicking on an ad for a "Large Room in Boerum Hill," but really, you're about to be shocked by a pair of large manish feet occupying your potential room. For $1,270 a month, photos should be feet-free.

The ad for this $1,175/month large room on the Upper East Side really hides the surprise. The advertiser explains all the details about everything that's available to the renter, like the south-facing living room with a sofa, a love seat, and flatscreen TV and the full kitchen. But then, BAM! Every room in the house is painted insanely bright neon colors.

This ad promised a "beautiful bright" Clinton Hill loft with 18-foot ceilings, but what that really means is an odd and unsightly lofted bed with a black ceiling. That, coupled with only one window, makes the "bright" claim highly debatable. It's yours for $2,050.

Located in the Financial District, this 900-square-foot 1BR looks really great. The first photo even shows a nice, spacious living room. But then the second photo shows two prominently displayed hookahs, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on whether or not you want your new apartment to smell like smoke.

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