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The Unintended Stars of Craigslist Apartment Photos

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A key component of apartment staging is to create a beautiful blank canvas which, in the eye of the beholder, can take any number of forms, morphing into whatever type of home the viewer desires. A key component of Craigslist postings is that a lot of them are terrible at apartment staging. As such, many of the brokers taking photos for these listings not only fail to clean up the apartments, but fail to clean up the humans living in them. Dude, retreat to your weird floor mattress for a second. You do not come with the apartment.

This was going to be a really great picture of a floor. Oh well.

This picture really tells a story. What that story is, though, we have no idea. Why is that pink sweatered woman in the lower left watching TV over her shoulder? What is going on here?

This deck is a great place to go and check if there's anything in your shoes.

Quick, rent this apartment before this girl gets it! She's texting pictures to her mom as we speak!!!
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