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Latest Flip at Williamsburg's Mason Fisk Tries for $925,000

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The first wave of pioneers to move into the Meshberg Group sensation Mason Fisk have had three years to enjoy it, and the first flips have started to trickle onto the market, hoping to repeat the building's initial success. The latest is #3C, which sold in 2009 for $740,000 and is on offer again, this time seeking $925,000. The listing describes the space as "newly renovated," but the pictures are rather unrevealing on that score.

If the previous flips in the building are anything to go by, the sellers of #3C won't have anything to worry about. Unit #5B resold last summer for $906,000, a smidge over its $895,000 ask?and more than a smidge over its 2009 sale price of $780,000. Apartment #2E sold for $572,500 nearly a year ago, compared to its 2009 sale price of $475,000.
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Mason Fisk

72 Berry Street, Brooklyn, New York