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A Renter's Guide to Apartment Hunting in Crown Heights

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Crown Heights is known for two distinct cultures: the Afro-Carribbean community, with the colorful West Indian Day Parade, and the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic Jewish movement, headquartered on Eastern Parkway. The neighborhood is very large, stretching east-west from Utica Avenue to Washington Avenue and north-south from Atlantic Avenue to Empire Boulevard, and, it's arguably the fastest changing/gentrifying neighborhood in Brooklyn. Twee Brooklyn's local-everything boutiques and artisan pizzerias are creeping in from the west, drawing more yuppies to the 'hood (and causing people to mistakenly refer to the western area as Prospect Heights), but throngs of stroller-pushers and bearded packs of hipster have yet to arrive en masse. Here's what renters can expect:

Rental units: Large, pre-war, multi-family buildings, some brownstones, and a handful of new buildings. Renters will find mostly one- and two-bedrooms, but there are a decent amount of studios and bigger (four or five beds) apartments.

Rent range: As low as $900 to $1,000 for studios and one-bedroom to $5,000 for 2,000-square-foot four-bedrooms. MNS has the mean rent for one-bedrooms at $1,800. The most expensive apartment on StreetEasy is a four-bedroom for $4,975, while the least expensive is a one-bedroom for $1,090. Craigslist has one-bedrooms for $985.

Neighborhood Highlights: the new restaurants and bars on Franklin Avenue, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Museum, the annual West Indian Day Parade, Franklin Park's weekend DJ spots and monthly reading series, Brooklyn Yoga Cooperative, community event space LaunchPad, proximity to Prospect Park, and six subway lines.

Most expensive area: The northwest corner, closest to Prospect Heights, between Classon and Washington Avenues north of Eastern Parkway. Like this studio on St. Mark's near Washington Avenue for $3,500/month.

Cheapest area: The farther east you go, the cheaper it gets. The northeast corner is cheaper also because its further from the subway, while the southeast corner is cheaper because it borders Brownsville. The $1,090/month 1BR listed on StreetEasy is on Crown Street at Utica Avenue.

Sample rentals:
· 1349 Pacific Street: A four-bedroom triplex near New York Avenue on Pacific Street. Rent is $4,975
· 301 Sullivan Place: A one-bedroom with a balcony at new building the Plex. Rent is $1900.
· 1341 Bergen Street: For $1,650/month, here's a renovated one-bedroom in a historic brownstone.
· 457 Prospect Place: Two-bedroom garden apartment close to Washington Avenue for $3,250/month.
· 1746 President Street: One-bedroom in a large pre-war building. Rent is $1,100.
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