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It's Officially Penthouse Time at Chelsea's Walker Tower

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The penthouses at Walker Tower have already received a fair amount of hype for the sky-high planned asking prices of $10,000/foot. The penthouses with the highest asks haven't come to market yet, but a few penthouses in the Art Deco Chelsea building did hit the market today, and their prices still induce some sticker shock. Penthouse 8, a duplex, is seeking $12.495 million, or $4,068/square foot. Penthouse 4 is seeking $12.895 million, or $5,005/square foot, and penthouse 3 is asking $20.99 million, or a whopping $6,035/square foot. The listings include the same model unit photos as earlier inventory (17 units from the first batch of listings are in contract, hence the new offerings), but there are floorplans for each penthouse.

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Walker Tower

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