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What $1,600/Month Rents You Around New York City

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Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various New York City neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $1,600/month.

? This 650-square-foot 1BR in Windsor Terrace is located in a building with a pretty fancy lobby. It also has some inlaid parquet floors and nice molding. All of the rooms, including the foyer, look reasonably large, but the main downside is probably the kitchen, which is one of those "Pullman kitchens" that's actually just a stove, sink, refrigerator, and shelves lined up against a wall in the living room. It costs $1,700/month.

? On the Upper East Side, this small 1BR looks a little cave-like, although maybe that's just what you get when you take the pictures at night. It's going for $1,700/month.

? In Fort Greene, a 600-square-foot third-floor walkup is going for $1,700/month. The building has laundry, and heat and hot water are included in the rent.

? If you're looking for something in downtown Manhattan and don't mind being a little bit cramped, a 400-square-foot studio in Chelsea is going for $1,625/month (includes utilities). Looks, uh, cozy.

? In Harlem, a spacious and beautiful 1BR is available in a classic brownstone for $1,650/month (includes heat). It features large windows, original ornamental molding, exposed brick, and a new kitchen with a window-shelf thing that looks like it would be great for cooling pies. So if you like any of those things...

? And, finally, in Prospect Heights, a 700-square-foot 1BR in a rent stabilized building looks perfectly livable and is available for $1,550/month. It's also right on top of Prospect Park, which is nice.

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