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Townhouse with Awe-Inspiring Staircase Listed for $18.9M

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This morning's townhouse, greenhouse and all, was just a warm-up—122 Waverly Place, on the other hand, is the real deal. The five-story, almost-7,000-square-foot house last changed hands in 2005 when it was purchased for $6,025,000. Since then, the interiors have been thoroughly modernized, and now include a beautiful library with built-in shelves leading to a south-facing terrace, multiple fireplaces, and a large, open, and new kitchen, as well as, of course, the glassy rear facade that has become customary in modern townhouse renovations. And, since this is turning out to be a week of great staircases, a wildly impressive staircase. For its trouble, the place is asking for a hefty $18,900,000.

· Listing: 122 Waverly Place [Corcoran]