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Producers' Greenwich Village Loft on the Market for $3.25M

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This full-floor loft at 8 West 12th Street, owned by movie producers Jeanne and Jeffrey Levy-Hinte, just hit the market asking for $3,250,000 and looking sort of like the interior of a submarine. Or maybe that's just the exposed pipes and heavy metal door with a portal window. Submarines probably don't have hardwood floors. They also, now that we think about it, probably have doors in between every room, and this apartment, in true loft fashion, has almost no doors whatsoever (except for the one we just mentioned.) So, when it comes right down to it, not very submarine-like at all, but very much like a cool Greenwich Village loft, which is probably more important.

· Listing: 8 East 12th Street #11FLR [Warburg]