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Manhattan's Most Adorable Penthouse Now Down to $125K

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The most adorable apartment on the Upper East Side is also the cheapest, and probably the smallest, and on top of all that it's a penthouse! If that isn't just the cutest thing, well, we don't know what is. It's like when a four-year-old dresses up as a doctor for Halloween with a tiny stethoscope and everything. You're a doctor? Of course you are, little guy! The microscopic studio—by our calculations it's 180 square feet not counting the terrace—long ago gave up on its dream of selling for $375,000 and has now been pricechopping for over four years, failing to sell in part because it's 180 square feet and in part because the maintenance fees are somehow $1,717 per month. Even now that its ask is down to $125,000...good luck with that.
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