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New Site Offers Database of 1,162 NYC Offices (and Counting)

San Francisco-based office space search engine 42Floors has spent the past six months working with commercial landlords and brokerages to build a database of NYC's available office space. The (free) site officially launched, with 1,162 office space listings, at the end of last week. Even though we don't spend too much time on commercial real estate around here, we decided to take the site for a spin, just for fun.

42Floors has a fairly simple layout: input type of space desired (lease, sublease, coworker), size (measured at 150 square feet per person), price, and photos. Out comes a map with your results, which can be narrowed down by neighborhood. Each individual listing (here's an example from our sample search for a 30-person office space) has size, price, and availability information, plus details about amenities like the dog friendliness of the office. 42Floors photographs each listing.
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