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Vacant Long Island City Bank Taken Over By Site-Specific Art

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For 25 years, the neo-Gothic Bank of Manhattan Building in Long Island City has remained empty. But now the 14-story architectural beauty will see new life with a site-specific art exhibit in the bank's vaults and clock tower. Arts group No Longer Empty commissioned 26 artists to create work that speaks to the modern day iterations of currency, value, and exchange for the show, called "How Much Do I Owe You?". The show will include large scale sculptures, immersive and participatory installations, film, sound, and more. It opens Wednesday, Dec. 12, and will be on view through March 13.

The Bank of Manhattan Building was erected in 1927, and it was the tallest building in Queens until the blocky Citigroup Building was completed in 1990 at Court Square. Architect Morrell Smith created the building for the Bank, and it was sold to Chase in 1955. It's been abandoned since it closed in the '80s, and currently, the building is included in the Queens Plaza redevelopment project by the EDC. This website is advertising commercial space on the ground floor, noting 5,000-square-feet of flexible floor plates.
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