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Developers Invited to Submit SPURA Ideas in Early January

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The City Council approved redevelopment plans for SPURA in October, after half a century of discussion and delays. After the City Council made its vote, the city announced that it would take developer bids early next year, and now the Economic Development Corporation is making that announcement again, slightly more formally. The EDC sent out a brochure telling developers to anticipate the RFP for the up-to-1.65 million-square-foot project. That breaks down into 1,000 residential units, a 15,000-square-foot public open space, and a new 30,000-square-foot Essex Market, with an overall split of 60 percent residential space to 40 percent commercial space for the entire project.

Developers can respond in teams or individually, and they can submit proposals for all or just a portion of the SPURA site. The actual RFP will be released in early January 2013, with developer responses due in early May. Maybe this pre-RFP brochure is just to get people used to associating SPURA with concrete dates after all this time.
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