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Post-Sandy Report from Chelsea; Volunteer for Relief Efforts

More blackout photos from Max Touhey

CHELSEA?While not nearly as bad at the residential buildings in the Financial District, buildings in Chelsea suffered some flooding during the storm. Rose Associates sent out an email to London Terrace Towers tenants today saying that power should be back tomorrow. They also updated on the building's current condition:

As some of you may know, the basement of the Towers was flooded. Water from their building deposited several feet of water into our boiler room. Without light and power the boiler company has not been able to determine if there was any damage. It is likely that we will not have heat or hot water for two days after power is restored. I will keep you posted as I have more information.

Our staff checked on the senior citizens we know about and made sure we delivered water to their apartments. If you are aware of a senior or disabled resident, please check on them and let the staff know if they require assistance. Of course, continue to call 911 for emergencies.

[CurbedWire Inbox]

NEW YORK CITY?Those fortunate enough to not have suffered much damage from Hurricane Sandy should consider volunteering with the relief efforts. There are hundreds of opportunities throughout the five boroughs, from food drives and stoop sales to Red Cross fundraisers and donation collections. has an extensive list, Brokelyn has a round-up, and Scott Stringer's office has a comprehensive guide to dozens of services. [CurbedWire Inbox]