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LES Landlord Evicts Tenant During Post-Sandy Blackout

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While lower Manhattanites are scrambling for electricity, food, and water, one Lower East Side landlord decided that the post-hurricane blackout would be an awesome time to evict a longtime tenant. EV Grieve reports that the building where the tenant lives is a five-story tenement on Essex Street, which was recently sold to a group named Essex Funding LLC. The new landlord is not offering new leases to current tenants, and on Wednesday afternoon, eviction papers were delivered to at least one resident, despite the building being without power.

"I was in our apartment Wednesday afternoon when someone knocked. Our hallway is pitch black, so I wouldn't open the door," reported the tenant. "A guy on the other side had 'paperwork for me to 'sign.' It was a 30-day notice of termination of tenancy!" The tenant also noted that on Tuesday morning, there were workers outside the building with a dumpster, ready to gut another unit in building. Worst landlord of the year?
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