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There Is Now a Plan for Securing the Dangling One57 Crane

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A construction team has come up with a plan to secure the dangling crane at One57, which has been hanging high above an evacuated 57th Street since its collapse on Monday. This particular plan?which needs city review and approval?involves a worker using a hand crank to rotate the boom toward the building, the Journal explains. And then "cables would be used to secure the boom to 10- to 12-foot steel arms installed near the top of the condominium tower?.Later, a derrick would be installed near the top of the building, and used to lower the crane boom to the ground. Another boom would be raised so that construction work on the tower could continue." There's a possibility this work might begin today, and the process could take about 48 hours. Evacuated residents and folks who work on 57th Street are supposed to be able to return by Monday.

UPDATE: A 57th Street evacuee passes along this e-mail from the management of the Osborne, at 205 West 57th Street: "If you are in a hotel, please be sure to tell the front desk that you will be extending your stay until Sunday at the earliest....Extell has been focusing on finding residents rooms throughout the city which is an arduous task and say they will begin setting up a procedure to reimburse residents for their hotel rooms on Monday. At the time of check out, please use your credit card, you will likely be giving MKI or me your receipts which will be processed through Extell for reimbursement back to you. While no one dares to confirm it, all information now points to your being able to return home this Sunday evening."
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