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2 Gold Residents File Class-Action Suit Over Hurricane

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In a completely unsurprising move, a group of tenants of Financial District building 2 Gold Street have officially filed a class-action lawsuit against 2 Gold, 201 Pearl, and developer TF Cornerstone. Since the residents of 88 Greenwich have also filed a suit, the 2 Gold one is the second lawsuit we know of to come out of Hurricane Sandy. The tenants involved are seeking "damages and other appropriate relief for their claims arising out of Defendants' negligence relating to their failure to adequately secure the premises subsequent to the multiple warnings issued?and for their negligence relating to their failure to mitigate damages following the storm," according to the legal documents. Residents of 2 Gold have already been told their estimated date of return to the building is March 1, 2013.

The suit more specifically alleges that the building owners and employees knew about the storm's severity four or five days before the storm actually hit, which would have given the buildings the time to check on flood safety. The lawsuit also makes reference to "toxic fumes" from the gasoline that spilled into the flood waters, "to such a degree that the residences are not tenable and create safety and health dangers." Any predictions as to how this case will play out?
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2 Gold Street

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