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Touring the Artistic Developments of Red Hook Future

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Although Red Hook is still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Red Hook gentrification continues apace. Architects Adjmi & Andreoli are in the process of converting two enormous derelict warehouses in the neighborhood, and since both projects are still in the planning stages—luckily for everyone involved—there wasn't really anything at either site for the storm to ruin. The first project, at the century-old 160 Imlay Street, has been in (and out of) the works for years. Adjmi & Andreoli are currently reworking the plans, which originally called for 144 rental units, and instead making the former New York Dock Company warehouse into a 72-unit mixed-use condo building with a market and restaurant on the ground floor and artists' studios on the second floor, in effect turning it into its own ecosystem for the new Red Hook aristocracy. (62 Imlay, the basically identical building right next door, was turned into an art warehouse a couple years ago.)

The development, which will be called the New York Dock Building, is, as you can see from the above photo gallery, currently little more than a shell of a building, but a very impressive shell nonetheless with 13-foot ceilings (15-footers on the 6th floor), enormous windows offering both Manhattan and Brooklyn views, and an expansive rooftop that will be decked out with a swimming pool. Although sales were initially expected to go live in January, that date has clearly been pushed back.

Meanwhile, 202 Coffey Street is similarly desolate and similarly huge. It's slated to become five separate artist studios/workshops/display spaces, with the interiors somewhat spruced up and the windows, currently bricked over, reopened. The spaces themselves will be for the most part left as they are—vast and empty. (The main exception is one of the rooms in the center which will be made into an open-air courtyard.) That project is expected to be completed by late 2013 or early 2014.
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160 Imlay Street

160 Imlay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231