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Finished Story House Penthouse Unveiled and PriceChopped

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The penthouse of Flatiron's Story House condos was still under construction when Curbed visited in September 2011. It has since been finished, hit the market, been staged, and been PriceChopped. What a whirlwind! Building reps sent along some photos of the furnished penthouse, which is now asking $4.5 million (original price: $4.75 million). One other unit, #8A, also recently got chopped, to $3.895 million from $3.995 million. Minor cuts on both counts, and since this is a building that believes in fairy tales, we'd hate to see that faith dashed by additional choppage.

· 36 East 22nd Street #PHA [StreetEasy]
· Story House coverage [Curbed]

The Story House

36 East 22nd St, NY, NY