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41 Cooper Square Dented By Flying Debris During Sandy

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Thom Mayne's futuristic 41 Cooper Square, one of the ten most eye-catching pieces of starchitecture in New York City, suffered some cosmetic damage during Hurricane Sandy. It's hard to spot unless the light strikes the facade just-so, but this morning, EV Grieve noticed that the building's perforated steel armor was dented on the Cooper Square side. The Local followed up with the university's Public Affairs office and found out that the damage was caused by the top of a wooden water tower that broke loose from a nearby residential building and hit the building.

No word on whether or not Cooper Union will be replacing the damaged panels, but the incident does prove that the eco-friendly facade is good for more than just blocking the sun: it also protects the windows from being smashed to pieces during hurricanes.
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41 Cooper Square

41 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003