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$22.5M Sale of Huguette Clark's Partial Combo Approved

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The co-op board of 907 Fifth Avenue is much more inclined to open its doors to wealthy financial types rather than billionaire Qatari Prime Ministers. The Observer reports that the board approved the sale of apartment 8W, one of three owned by the late Huguette Clark, for $22.5 million to financier Frederick Iseman. The unit was listed for $19 million, but the sale includes a piece of unit 8E, also owned by Clark. The board had previously stopped the sale of both units when they learned that the buyer would be combining the units to make one giant home, but clearly a partial combo is less offensive.

The shrunken 8E will likely return to the market without its annexed piece. The Observer has no details about which part or how much of the unit was taken, but given the board's opposition to a full combo, we can't imagine it's a significant chunk. The 12-room unit had been listed for $12 million, and it has a 47-foot-long windowed gallery, a corner living room, library, formal reception area, and two sprawling bedrooms. It was initially estimated that Clark's trio of apartments in the building could fetch upwards of $100 million, but because the units have been unoccupied (save for Clark's doll collection) for decades, they need significant upgrades before the new owners can move in.
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