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Park Avenue South's New Dutch Condo Gets New Dutch Name

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The team behind 404 Park Avenue South, which began its reveals by putting a rendering of the finished building on the construction netting, is ready with its next teaser: a name! Continuing the building's whole New Amsterdam theme?Dutch designer Piet Boon is involved with the project, the developer is also Dutch, and the blue and white design is similar to Delftware, a 16th-century pottery from the Netherlands?that name is Huys. It's pronounced just like "house," the building's website explains, and comes from Stadt Huys, an old, yes, Dutch spelling for City Hall.

The site also tells us the building will have 58 luxury condos, 1BRs through 4BRs. The building will launch sales sometime in spring 2013.

In the meantime, here's one more picture of the exterior:

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