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A Short History of Secret UWS Street Pomander Walk

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The Upper West Side's Pomander Walk is a gated secret street tucked between Broadway and West End and West 94th and 95th streets. Today Scouting NY has an exploration of the street and its history, including a few facts we'd never heard before. The block was created in 1922, and the name comes from a play, a romantic comedy set in Pomander Walk, "a retired crescent of five very small, old-fashioned houses near Chiswick (London)." But it wasn't supposed to stay up for more than a few years.

The land belonged to one Thomas Healy, who made his money in nightclubs, and he originally planned to build a hotel there; Pomander Walk was only meant to bring in some income for Healy until he could finance the hotel construction. But after Healy's death in 1927, no one else moved forward on his plans. The block was endangered again in the 1970s, but it was preserved with a landmarking in 1982. At the moment Pomander Walk has nothing on the market. A 2BR recently sold for $710,000 and a 1BR was asking $399,000. The downside to those prices: not a lot of space.
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