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Interiors Revealed at New UES Condo 135 East 79th Street

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The floorplans have been analyzed, the pricing announced?now it's time for the interior renderings at 135 East 79th Street. The Brodsky Organization project's website is live, and with it a look at the residential innards. Each apartment is either a half-floor or a full floor, and prices range from $6.85 million to $23 million. Designer William Sofield has brought his touch to the building, with goodies like a 21-foot-tall pear-tree sculptures at the entrance.

The units have some non-Sofield-related goodies, too: private elevator landings, hand-painted cabinetry, custom flooring in apartment vestibules that's meant to match the flooring in the lobby. The aesthetic aims at the classic old building look, and buyers probably should have started saving for these places when those classic buildings were new.
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135 East 79th Street

135 East 79th Street, New York, NY