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Rent Anne Hathaway's Former Apartment at Avalon Bowery

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Back in 2009 when her scam-artist boyfriend got arrested, actress Anne Hathaway camped out at Avalon Bowery. She's since moved on, but her former apartment is once again up for rent. The last resident of the two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit sent word that the place hit the rental market today for $6,915/month. It's 1,104-square feet and located on the 8th floor. Ceilings reach 10 feet, there are east and north views, and it comes with a washer/dryer. So what's it like to live in an apartment after a celebrity? "She left behind not those cheap wire hangers in the closets, but padded and quilted Gucci and Prada hangers." The tipster did not specify if he, too, would be leaving those hangers.

Our tipster adds that the apartment also overlooks Nouriel Roubini's triplex party pad across the street at 6 East 1st Street. Roubini has apparently been renovating the place for months, and he "took down the evergreens previously screening his rooftop terrace, so there will be a nice view of his wild parties," if you're into that kind of thing. The tipster also said that, if he stayed, he was going to set up a live Roubini webcam for Curbed, so please, future resident, do the same.
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Note: The photos are of the same style 2BR in Avalon Bowery, but not necessarily the exact unit up for rent.