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Chelsea's Amazing Steampunk Apartment Loses the Steampunk

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The trouble with unique interior design is that, sometimes, no buyer loves it quite as much as the owner does. Sadly, that has been the case at one of our favorite apartments, Chelsea's steampunk extravaganza at 120 West 29th Street. The apartment, boasting a "Tim Burton meets Jules Verne" aesthetic, a technicolored zeppelin suspended across 32 feet of the kitchen ceiling, and a $1.75 million initial asking price, hit the market in August 2011 and never sold. It has now?brace?been de-steampunked. The price is currently $1.65 million.

The new listing, which we read through rather mournfully, still gives the former steampunk decor a nod:

The gourmet chef's kitchen retains elements from the previous artistic installation- every cabinet pull is unique and was from the owner'ss collection of antique parts and tools. The kitchen features a Viking range, stainless steel appliances, custom cabinetry, ample counter and storage space. The living room area was configured as a screening lounge which abuts the open chef's kitchen for effortless entertaining allowing for continued unfettered interaction with guests.

The floor plan is teeming with possibility. Some of the spaces are currently utilized creatively as storage and studio areas could potentially become a dining area, a second bedroom, or home office. Bosting a large private southern facing terrace ideal for entertaining and nestled amongst neighboring buildings.

We hope the owner took his old decor with him when he left so that it can live on somewhere. Here's the old look:

And here's the one constant, the floorplan:

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