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35-Mile Laser Rainbow Lights Up New York's Night Sky

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Laser rainbows seem like something that should be reserved for trippy Pink Floyd concert, but last night, a set of 35-mile long colorful beams of light shone in the New York night sky as a tribute to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Created by artist Yvette Mattern, the powerful laser display streamed from the top of the Standard Hotel all the way out to the coast of Queens. The lights, which will be shone through Thursday night, are meant as a symbol of hope and to encourage donations to storm relief funds.

Called "Global Rainbow, After the Storm," the installation has been on display throughout Europe, and it's being put on in New York through the Art Production Fund, with Lightwave International donating the equipment. Mattern hopes the lights "will provide people with a sense of peace and security in this time of crisis and that it will unify us with its presence so we remember that we are all in this together, regardless of divisions of class, race, religion, and culture."

Have photos of the laser rainbow? The tipline is open. Click through to Fast Company for more great images of last night's display.
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