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Post-Sandy at Ocean 1 West; MNS October Rental Report

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, luxury residence Ocean 1 West near Bowling Green is not one that we've heard much about. But a resident reached out to Curbed in hopes of jump starting "some real communication and concessions" from management company Moinian. "They're treating residents like dirt," our tipster writes, asking others to join the Google group the residents have created. [CurbedWire Inbox; official group]

BROOKLYN?MNS released its October rental report for Brooklyn, and it's more of the same: low inventory and rising rents. Crown Heights saw the greatest rise in rents, with a 12 percent jump from October 2011. Month-to-month, rents in the neighborhood rose 3.1 percent or $59. One-bedrooms saw the greatest increase, rising $88. Borough wide, rents for two-bedrooms decreased slightly month-to-month, despite seeing the greatest spike from the same time last year. [Curbed Wire Inbox; official]