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Mysterious Lenox Hill Mansion Listed for $48 Million

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Today, a seven-story townhouse on the Upper East Side hit the market for $48,000,000. It's 25 feet wide, 100 feet deep, and 14,000 square feet total, but beyond that the details get murky. There are no pictures accompanying the listing, although there are two floorplans: a normal one, and a "commercial" one, which is exactly the same except that every single room is labeled "office." So that's helpful. The house has been owned since 1995 by an entity called Valan Realty, which bought it for $6.39 million, according to The Real Deal. It was also, according to the listing, "meticulously renovated between 1995 and 2000 by a famous Italian clothes designer." Which famous Italian clothes designer, you ask? One too famous even to mention by name. Probably.

· Listing: 57 East 64th Street [Streeteasy]