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Avery Fisher Hall Will Finally Get Its Long-Delayed Makeover

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While the rest of Lincoln Center was thoroughly renovated around it, Avery Fisher Hall stood untouched. That wasn't the plan?Norman Foster won a competition to redesign the building back in 2005. But the renovation would have cost $300 million, and a displaced New York Philharmonic might have lost revenue, so the redesign did not move forward. Until now! The Times reports that Avery Fisher will be renovated after all?but Foster won't necessarily be involved.

Avery Fisher will be taking proposals from architects for the redesign, which calls for leaving the 1962 Max Abramovitz-designed shell essentially as it is but improving the auditorium and acoustics. Unfortunately, no one seems to have told Foster, since a firm spokesperson e-mailed the Times that Foster "would like to continue working with our clients to realize this project." Well, now Lincoln Center higher-ups have avoided that awkward conversation.
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Avery Fisher Hall

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