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New Gallery for South Street Seaport; Landmark Photo Exhibit

SEAPORT?The South Street Seaport may still be hurting from Hurricane Sandy, but the storm hasn't entirely stopped people from coming to the neighborhood. Next week, a new family-owned art gallery will open at 275 Water Street. The Artion Gallery owners hope that by open their doors now, when so many other places in the area remain shuttered for repairs, they will help draw the much needed foot traffic to speed the Seaport's recovery. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

UPPER WEST SIDE?The New York Historical Society is mounting a 90-photo exhibition of New York City's landmark buildings. Featured buildings range from the abandoned Coignet Stone Building in Gowanus to the iconic Woolworth Building downtown. It opens December 14 and will be on view through February 18. [CurbedWire; official]